Sunday, December 13, 2015

What To Do In Case of Water Contamination

Contaminated water can present different sorts of problem. Some substances can make the drinking water harmful to health. Other non-threatening contaminants can affect the palatability of the water or lead to technical consequences. Knowing what do in case of water contamination is very important. Installing a water filter or performing a water analysis is not the only way deal with the threat of contamination.

In a situation where there is a suspected water contamination problem, the first step is to identify the public water system that supplies the water. The name of the supplier should be present on the water bill. Those who are renting homes or apartments and do not pay the water bill can ask their building managers or landlords regarding the water supplier. Another option is to contact the local health department which should be able to provide this important information.

Report the problem with the water to the public water company. All water suppliers have people or a department that deals with problem reports and inquiries. If the company is unresponsive, the local health department can be contacted instead.

In the case of private well users, it is their responsibility to have water analysis performed to identify the type and cause of the problem. A contamination caused by nearby human activity must be reported to government health and safety agencies so that the liable party can take responsibility of the problem.