Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chalk In Water

Chalk is one of those contaminants that are so harmless that they become very harmful. It may sound confusing but it is true. Due to the absence of real threat by chalk contamination, many tend to ignore the problem. Very few people see the importance of a scale filter. The chalk in the water then gets plenty of time to form buildups inside pipes and containers. This can cause expensive water appliances like heaters and dishwashers to break down.

Aside from broken appliances, chalk can form health threatening compounds by reacting with other chemicals in the water. The presence of chalk in water can also interfere with treatment systems. A water filter designed to remove more dangerous substances can be overstrained by chalk particles, disabling it from performing its function. These are just some of the serious effects caused by the seemingly harmless chalk.

The first step to fixing the problem of the presence of chalk in water is water analysis. Although chalk contamination is easy to identify without proper testing, the result of the water analysis can reveal other important information regarding the quality of water. There could be other contaminants in the water that must be considered when selecting the right kind of treatment system to use. Admittedly, the testing and selection of treatment system requires a good amount of expertise. In Sweden, a water systems company named Water Purification offers complete service from water analysis to developing the needed treatment system to address the problem.

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