Monday, February 12, 2018

Improve Water Taste By Removing Iron

As water flows over and under the earth, it collects minerals. Iron is a very common mineral. It is therefore not surprising that iron contamination of water is very common. Much of iron and other contaminants in the water is removed during water treatment at water processing plants. However, some can remain. The remaining iron affects the taste of the water.

Iron contamination makes water taste awful. The water smells of rust. Depending on the amount of iron contaminant, the color might also turn slightly reddish-brown. I remember spending some time in a rural town where water was drawn from the private well. The water contained iron. I had to hold my breath every time I drank water to make it bearable. Even taking a bath, I could smell rust.

So how do you solve this? Simple really. You just have to remove iron from the water. There are many home iron filters that can be bought from physical retailers or online. There are small individual types that you can install on individual faucets that you use for drinking water. There are also whole-house iron filters. If you are only concerned with your drinking water quality, one of the small individual types should be sufficient.

Whole-house iron filters are intended to prevent all unwanted effects of iron contamination. These type of iron filters are more complex and are installed prior to the water coming into the house plumbing. These don't only improve the taste of water. They also prevent staining of surfaces and corrosion of metal pipes and water appliance components. You could say that whole-house iron filters protect your property.

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