Having a private water well has many benefits. The greatest advantage is that one does not have to pay water bills which means you can save a lot of money  in the long run. It can also be healthier as you are free from chlorinated water which has been associated with increased risk of having cancer.

Of course, there are also some disadvantage to well-water. Contamination is a serious concern for anyone using a private well as groundwater can easily be compromised.

There are many ways in which groundwater can be contaminated. Some are due to natural pollutants and others are due to human activities such as  chemical spills and improper disposal of wastes. Different types of contamination pose different degree of threat to the health of people who are using the water. Some contaminants such as lime that causes hard water are not considered dangerous but can be bothersome as it causes buildups on pipes and appliances that can be hard or expensive to deal with. There are also those contaminants that pose serious health risks such as toxic and microbial contamination. Some water contamination are easily detected by smell or sight while others require more complex tests and analyses.

If you're using well-water and you want to keep it safe, regular testing is necessary.  If a problem is detected, having a water purification system is a must.

 Purification or filter systems remove contaminants from the water as to make it safe or improve its quality. There are many kinds of filtration systems that deal with specific water problems. There are those that use ultraviolet rays to kill any microbes in the water. There are also those that remove harmful substances in the water such as toxic metals or radioactive gases.

Whatever the problem may be, it is important that you have the right treatment for it.

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